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Security Policy

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Information Security Policy

Welcome to the official website of Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan. This “Information Security Policy Announcement” (ISPA) is made to facilitate visitors’ security use of services offered by this website. Please consult the following with caution:

First: Application of ISPA

ISPA is applied to visitors who scan, read and download all kinds of information, electronic files and figures available on this website.

Second: Information Security and Protection

Firewalls, invasion detect systems, anti-virus systems and other indispensable information systems are installed on this website to prevent illegal invasion, destruction and theft of information. Any information on this website, including personal information, is under strict protection

Third: Regulation on Information and Mail Transmission

This website sends regular update emails to subscribers who can also cancel subscription on this website. Visitors must note that these emails are not encrypted and confidential messages contained in these emails (such as ID numbers) will risk undesirable disclosure. Visitors should consider registered mails for the transmission of such messages.

Relevant Regulations:

Four: Measures for Self-Protection

For the protection of personal interests, visitors are advised to keep personal information and secret codes strictly to themselves.

Five: Questions concerned ISPA

Please call at 02-25571600 Ext. 1318 for further information on ISPA.