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Announcement for Disclosure of Government Website Information

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Dear friends, welcome to the official website of “Council of Ingenious People”. When you are on the website, please pay attention to relevant regulations in terms of copyrights:

A. Copyright Statement of Announcement for Disclosure of Government Website Information

(1) All contents in the official website of Council of Ingenious People (hereinafter referred to as the Website), including word descriptions, photos, pictures, recordings, videos, and other information are under the protection of Copyright Act, except for those which shall not be subjects of copyright (such as constitution, law, order, speech drafts by public servants, and newsletters) in accordance with Article 9 of Copyright Act.

(2) Anyone can freely use the aforementioned materials that are not subjects of copyright.

(3) Materials under the protection of Copyright Act on the Website can only be used after obtaining the permission and authorization of the Council except for reasonable usage. If the materials are involved with other works of copyright owners, they should only be used after obtaining the permission and authorization of the owners as well.

(4) Descriptions of the aforementioned “reasonable usage” are as follows:

1. All works announced on behalf of the Council on the Website, which means that they belong to the Council, may be remodeled, publicly broadcasted, and publicly transmitted within reasonable scopes; when using such works, please notify the source.

2. Information on the Website may be remodeled for non-profitable purposes by individuals and families.

3. Information on the Website can be quoted within reasonable scopes for news reporting, commenting, teaching, researching, or other proper purposes. When quoting, please notify the source.

4. For other reasonable usage, please refer to Article 44 to Article 65 of Copyright Act.

(5) In accordance with Article 80-1(1) of Copyright Act, removal or alteration which is unavoidable in the lawful exploitation of the work due to technological limitations is proper. Electronic rights management information made by the Website shall not be removed or altered without permission of the Council except for the circumstances where removal or alteration is necessary due to technological limitations when recording or transforming transmission system.

B. Links to the Website

Permission of the Council is not required for linking from any other websites to the Website. However, such links shall be marked with the name of the Council. The Council does not allow any link that may misguide the users.

C. Relevant Links of the Website

For the convenience of Internet users, only links of relevant websites will be provided on the Websites. The Council is not liable to any user’s usage involved with the contents of such websites.

D. Disclaimers

All linked webpages or information offered by the Website are provided by the linked websites. Relevant rights belong to such websites or legal right owners. The Council is not guaranteed for the correctness, instantaneity, or completeness.