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Comprehensive Planning Department

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Comprehensive Planning Department takes charge of the following affairs:

1. Comprehensive research, planning, coordination and discussion on the policy, system and laws and regulations of indigenous peoples.
2. Counseling, coordination and supervision on the planning, promotion and autonomous administration of the autonomy of indigenous peoples, and the training, appraisal, rewards and punishment of personnel.
3. Planning, promotion and review of identification and affirmation of indigenous peoples.
4. Approval, planning, counseling, coordination and review of the tribe of indigenous peoples.
5. Research, preservation and development of indigenous peoples’ traditional customs and regulations.
6. Planning and promotion of research and investigation business of CIP.
7. Planning, coordination and review of exchange of indigenous peoples across the strait and internationally.
8. Strategic planning and management of the information application service of CIP.
9. Other comprehensive planning affairs related to the indigenous peoples.