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In 2023, the Council of Indigenous Peoples ratifies 14 indigenous tribe road improvement projects and invests NT$150 million

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  • Online Date:2023/02/18
  • Modification Time:2023/02/02 15:18:32
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To enhance the quality of roads in indigenous regions and promote the economic development of tribe industries, the Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) has ratified 14 "2023 Indigenous Tribe Road Improvement Projects" in the third phase with an investment of approximately NT$150 million.

Acting Chairperson of the CIP, Icyang Parod, offered the Hsinchu County Jianshi Township's "Xiuluan Village Yanglao Road Improvement" project as an example. This road is the Yanglao Tribe's only access to other places, connecting the Syakaro Historic Trail and the tea, persimmon, and peach farming areas. However, part of the road is damaged, and lacks a drainage system and safety facilities. It is not safe for tribal people and tourists to access the village. Therefore, the CIP funded the Hsinchu County Government NT$19.8 million to improve the road quality, retaining walls, build road markings, mirrors, and other safety features along the routes. After the road is improved, tribal people and tourists can travel, and goods can be transported, much more safely, helping develop the local economy.

Acting Chairperson Icyang stresses that the tribal road is vital for the tribe's accessibility and its industries. To increase the quality and safety of the roads, and develop local industries and the economy, the CIP is driving the 2023 infrastructure budget to fund NT$665 million for the "Indigenous Tribal Road Improvement Project". In response to improvement cases proposed by each local government, the CIP will continue dispatching specialists for investigations and to ratify the projects for the next phase to meet tribal road improvement needs for each indigenous tribe.