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President Tsai Ing-wen visits the Songhe Cultural and Health Station and the Atayal Fun Tribe Tour in the Heping District of Taichung City

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  • Online Date:2023/06/12
  • Modification Time:2023/06/12 15:47:00
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President Tsai Ing-wen visited the Songhe Tribe in the Heping District of Taichung City today (May 14). Accompanied by Icyang, the Minister of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, she inspected the progress of the Songhe Cultural and Health Station and the Atayal Fun Hunter's Camp, praising the achievements of the tribal culture and health facilities. She also encouraged visitors to explore the tribal tours and learn about indigenous cultures.

Upon arrival at the cultural and health station, the station's elders welcomed President Tsai with traditional songs. Song Huang Huiying, a caregiver at the station, together with tribal elders, shared information about the station's operations. President Tsai then joined the elders for a meal, experiencing the traditional and nutritious cuisine of the station. In her speech, the president emphasized that the services provided by the cultural and health station not only take care of the elderly but also serve as a repository of cultural heritage and create job opportunities in the tribe, allowing young people to stay and work in the community.

President Tsai further explained that under the 10-Year Long-term Care Plan 2.0, a total of 481 cultural and health stations have been established nationwide, employing 1,272 local indigenous people as caregivers, and benefiting approximately 15,033 elderly individuals. The Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program has a special budget that has also been allocated to improve the friendly environment and space of the cultural and health stations.

Subsequently, the president participated in the Atayal Fun Tribe Tour. The Atayal Fun is a team supported by the Council of Indigenous Peoples' Million Dollar Entrepreneurs Project. They have integrated the traditional culture of the Atayal tribe with the natural landscapes of the Songhe Tribe, offering diverse tribal activities for tourists to get close to the mountain and the river. Returning young entrepreneur, Lai Shu-juan, provided a guided tour to President Tsai, introducing the traditional culture, architectural features, and cultural and creative products of the Atayal tribe. The president was presented with traditional Atayal attire and decorations, expressing her appreciation to the young entrepreneurs returning to their hometowns and encouraging tourists to visit the tribe and support the tribal economic industries.

Please Contact Pan Yu-cheng, Economic Development Department. Tel:02-8995-3134.

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