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Acting Chairperson of the Council of Indigenous Peoples Icyang Parod Sworn in in Indigenous Language

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  • Online Date:2023/03/17
  • Modification Time:2023/04/27 14:30:40
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The inauguration ceremony of the heads of all government departments and agencies of the Executive Yuan took place today (January 31). New Premier Chen Chien-jen has been devoted to promoting the preservation and development of indigenous languages. Icyang Parod, the Acting Chairperson of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, was sworn in using Amis language (Pangcah) as the first minister of the Executive Yuan to take their oath of office in an indigenous language.

Acting Chairperson Icyang expressed his gratitude to President Tsai for her promise in 2016 to accelerate the passing of the Indigenous Languages Development Act. The act was promulgated and implemented on June 14, 2017. According to Article 1 of the Act, "Indigenous languages are national languages." In addition, Articles 4 and 11 of the Development of National Language Act state, "All national languages shall be equal; nationals using a national language shall not be discriminated against or face restrictions," and "Nationals may elect which national language they wish to use when involved in administrative, legislative, and judicial procedures of government agencies." A key example of this in practice is Acting Chairperson Icyang using an indigenous language to take the oath of office.

Acting Chairperson Icyang emphasized that government agencies have a leading role to play in promoting the development of indigenous languages. Only when government agencies take the lead is it possible to achieve the goal of creating a language-friendly environment in tribes and communities. He encouraged all civil servants to work together to contribute to the sustainable development of indigenous languages.

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