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Indigenous Economic and Industrial Development Plan

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  • Online Date:2020/07/06
  • Modification Time:2020/07/06 15:05:39
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Project Goal

(1) To construct or deepen industrial demonstration highlights with indigenous cultural characteristics and strengthen integration of cross-industry technologies and resources to build an environment for sustainable development.

(2) To discover and develop industrial operation and management talents in indigenous peoples and enhance industry-academia collaboration to fill the job openings with the “learning by doing and doing while learning” strategy.

(3) To develop and publicize indigenous brands and ensure brand uniqueness and representativeness through storytelling marketing and quality optimization.

(4) To enhance investment in and guidance for indigenous startup strategies and search for appropriate business models to stabilize startup foundation and deepen industrial roots.

(5) To enhance connection between metropolitan areas and indigenous townships and achieve complementation with a “front shop (metropolises), back factory (indigenous townships)” model to circulate the products and services of indigenous peoples.

(6) To produce gender statistics, increase opportunities for indigenous women to participate in making decisions for economic and industrial development, and build a gender friendly environment.

Strategy and Method

Major Work Items

To adhere to the outcomes of the previous plan, this plan will be implemented inby phases to broaden the scope of service and deepen the magnitude of guidance. From the fundamental environment deployment, industrial talents development, and brand channel construction, apart from consolidating the capital, talents, channels, and marketing resources required for economic and industrial development, guidance will be enhanced and knowledge will be developed for industrial demo highlights to carry forward the featured agriculture, cultural and industrial industries, and ecotourism industry based on indigenous knowledge, and extend to digitization, ICT, green energy, and biotechnology, or combine with sports, leisure, and healthcare for cross-sector development, in order to create new opportunities for diversification of industrial development.