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Labor Right Disputes in the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation: The Council of Indigenous Peoples Requested the Foundation to Improve

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  • Online Date:2019/01/08
  • Modification Time:2020/04/21 10:51:42
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In response to the disputes over the protection of labor rights and interests, the Labor Union of the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) went to the Council of Indigenous Peoples today (13th) to make a statement. The Council said that the Labor Union’s appeals for “boycotting the false contraction and recognizing the true employment” as well as “authorizing and incorporating all contractors” and other claims would be concerned and resolved in accordance with the law and further improvement measures would be made.

“In the case of disputes over the labor rights and interests of the contractors in the Foundation, according to the letter from the Ministry of Labor, it was recognized that the Foundation signed the contract by natural person contracting, which was suspected to be involved in circumventing provisions of the Labor Standards Act. In addition, the contract of labor from the Foundation and relevant internal regulations were suspected to go too far of legal contracting, which should be improved immediately.” said the Council.

In accordance with the provisions of supervisory management set forth for the Foundation, the Council was responsible for the checking and supervising of the administrative affairs and financial status. Regarding the employment management by contract of the Foundation, Chen, Kun-Sheng, the former director of the Council, pointed out that “the Council has requested the Foundation to make corrective measures to protect the labor rights and interests of the contractors.” Moreover, with respect to the Labor Union’s appeal of incorporating all contractors, Chen said that he would pass on the message to the Foundation, and requested the Foundation to assess the reasonable manpower needs as soon as possible and adjust the manpower allocation.