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Reporter from TITV Resigned due to Bribing

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  • Online Date:2019/05/14
  • Modification Time:2020/04/21 10:50:08
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Today (19), it’s reported that Fu, Kun-Yi, the former governor of Hualian County, had spent money on keeping a group journalists and that a journalist of TITV took money to handle their affairs. After being informed by the Indigenous Culture Committee that such behavior had violated the production and broadcasting standards and working rules of the Committee, the journalist resigned from the Committee today.

Acting as the competent authority with duties of supervision and management, the Council of Indigenous Peoples said that it would ask Indigenous Culture Committee to be legitimate and appropriate in promoting various businesses, especially in the transmission of media information, as well as be conformed to the core values of autonomy, self-discipline and neutrality in order to deal with and present news information with an accurate, complete and balanced professional attitude towards ethnic justice.