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Taiwan Indigenous Television Failed to Properly Protect Workers’ Rights

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  • Online Date:2019/04/26
  • Modification Time:2020/04/21 10:50:53
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In response to the TVBS program “Justice of Dispatching Workers - I Am Not Disposable” on 27th, which showed that Taiwan Indigenous Television did not properly protect the rights and interests of laborers by contracting employees, the Council of Indigenous Peoples issued a statement today: “The Council has demanded the Taiwan Indigenous Television to be improved by a deadline in June of this year.

” The Council stated that Taiwan Indigenous Television was operated by Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation (IPCF), and the employees were employed by the Foundation. Last September (2017), when it was found that the Foundation would employ a large number of contracting personnel, it sent staff to check on the spot and asked the committee to review whether there was any violation of the principles and spirit of labor contracting. After receiving the letter from the Ministry of Labor in June this year (2018) expressing that the Taiwan Indigenous Television might violate the Labor Standards Act, the Council asked the Foundation to completely revise the existing measures concerning the use of human resources by natural persons, and to review whether the current use of human resources by natural persons was in line with the reference principles of government authorities (agencies) in order to ensure the rights and interests of labors.

The Council pointed out: “After the improvement requested by the Council, the Foundation has abolished the “Principles for Labor Contracting of the IPCF”. Subsequently, a plan for adjusting the structure of manpower would be put forward in the near futures according to the report on human resources needs. Employees would be recruited in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Act to ensure the protection of labor rights and interests, and the Council would continue to focus on that.